Law No. 9663 dated on 18/12/2006 “On concessions”;

  • Ministers Council Decision No.27, dated on 19/1/2007 “On approval of rules for evaluation and concession procedures”, changed with MCD No. 87 dated on 16.01.2008
  • Ministers Council Decision No.150, dated on 22/03/2007 “For the organization and function of Concession’s Treated Agency” (ATRAKO).
  • Minister decision No.536, dated on 27/07/2007 “On regulations approval for the administration of the documents and requests for concessionary agreements and “Bonus evaluation criteria”
  • Law No.8987, dated on 24.12.2002 “On facilitating conditions establishment for new power generation resources construction”
  • Law No.7970, dated on 20.07.1995 “On Arrangement of Electricity Sector”, changed with Law No.9072, dated on 22.05.2003 changed recently with the Law No. 9913, dated on 05.05.2008 “ For some adding and changes in Law No. 9072”
  • Law No. 7764, dated on 02.11.1993 “On foreign investments”
  • Law No 8093 dated on 21.03.1996 “On water reserves”

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